Settlers Of Catan: A Short Guide To Becoming A Dangerous Player!

Settlers of Catan is a board game invented by Kalus Teubar and launched in 1995. The game can be played with a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 players. If you are alone then you can also play the online version against the computer.


Board Set Up

Create the Territories
Take the blue pieces and connect them. Together they represent the ocean that surrounds the land. Then place the hexagonal pieces in the center. They represent the land.

Resources like sheep, wood, and brick are represented on cards. Stack all the cards according to the resources printed on them. Once stacked, they become supplies. The terrain pieces produce the resources. You can attribute each resource card to a terrain piece. Forests produce wood, mountains provide ore, and the fields yield grain. The pastures that are home to the sheep give wool, and the hills produce brick.

The game package also contains tokens. They have numbers ranging from 2 to 12 (except for 7) printed on them. Place each token randomly on all the hexagonal terrains, except for the desert.

Among the game pieces, there is a gray-colored figure. That is the robber. Put him on the numberless desert terrain.

Divide the Game Pieces
Finally, divide the 24 colorful game pieces. Each player receives 15 roads, 5 settlements, and 4 cities.


Game Start

CC BY by Brian U

First, each of the players gets to build 2 settlements. Select a player randomly. Settlements are always accompanied by roads. Hence, every player will place a settlement and a road where terrain hexagons meet.

In the next round, the last player in the previous round makes the first move. Again, the player places a settlement and a road. However, now, she gets to enjoy the resources of the 3 terrains that her settlement touches. Hence, the player collects the respective resource cards.

Now, in a counter clockwise motion, other players are establishing settlements and collect their resource cards. The players keep their cards concealed in their hands.

With two settlements, every player gains 2 victory points. The winning target is 10 victory points. The player, who attains 10 victory points first, wins the game.


More Details

The game package includes two dice. The player, who played first in the first round, will roll the dice. The sum of the numbers revealed by each die will be taken into consideration.

Focus on the hexagon/s that bears the same number as the sum. Now, all the players, whose settlements touch the hexagon/s, will receive its resource cards. By referring to the building-costs card, the player who rolled the dice can expand her settlement.

For instance, with a wood and a brick resource card, she can construct a road. With every construction, the player has to give away the resource cards. Then, the next player rolls the dice.


CC BY-SA by Mike Saechang

Interesting Facts

You may be empty handed but you can always trade.
Many times, the player, who rolled the dice, may remain empty handed. It happens when the dice reveal a number that the player’s settlements do not touch. However, when a player has insufficient resource cards, she can always trade a card with another player.

Roll dice to reveal 7 and use the robber.
7 is not a token number. Therefore, whichever player rolls 7 gets the chance to use the robber. The player can place it on any terrain and block it. If the terrain is occupied she will collect cards from the settlement owner. Otherwise, she will collect cards from that player, who has the terrain number that the dice showed.

Collect the Knight Card to place the robber anywhere.
A player can place the robber on other players’ terrains by acquiring the Knight Card. It allows the player to own the resource cards of those terrains. In return for 3 cards i.e. a sheep, ore and wheat card, the Knight Card can be gained.


Winning Strategies

Trade intelligently
You can get 2 or even 3 resource cards in return for a resource card that is rare. You will have to watch the trade between the players closely. You may also refuse to trade, as it will increase the demand of the resource card.

Show eagerness to take part in trade
If the trade is about abundant resources, you should take part in it. It will allow you to enjoy the resource, which would otherwise be enjoyed by another player.

Place the robber strategically
During the game, always keep an eye on the player who has a rare resource card. By rolling 7, you can place the robber on that player’s terrain and grab the rare card.

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